Before having make registration, please read carefully the following Terms of service.

Main provisions

1. These Terms of Service (further Rules) establish an order of interaction and cooperation between the ROITASTIC FINANCE LTD company and the participant (further Client) the project of the Company which is based on use of the resources provided by the Company to the Client by means of the official of the https://roitastic.cc Company’s website (further Website). Agreeing with these Rules, Client and Company (further the Parties) confirm full compliance to the contents of this section to its actions.

2. The sense and contents of these Rules doesn’t contradict the international legislation.

3. Only Client who has reached majority, has the right to be registered and take part in investment process of the Company .

4. Making registration and providing necessary volume of personal information is an indispensable condition to become Client of the Company.

5. Having passed the registration procedure, Client agrees with all points of these Rules without exception.

6. Any content and other intellectual property located on the Company’s Website recognizes as sole intellectual property of the Company.

7. Company provides information and operational services and isn’t the guarantor of the commercial transactions which are carried out by Client.


1. Any information which is provided, or (and) can be submitted on the Company’s Website, and also any opinions, which are orally or in writing provided on the Company’s Website, shouldn’t be considered by Client as an appeal to any actions and can be perceived by Client only in a fact-finding form, having proceeding from the principle “as is”.

2. Content of the Company’s Website can’t be the guarantor in carrying out any commercial investment transactions. Content of the Company’s Website can’t be considered as councils and recommendations of insurance, legal, tax or investment character. Content of the Company’s Website can be considered by the Client in the form of recommendations about investment, and also can’t be considered as a guarantee of carrying out the transactions excluding financial losses. Company under no circumstances doesn’t bear responsibility for any economic losses and (or) financial damage which the Client owing to use or not use of information published on the Company’s Website or in connection with impossibility of use of information and program resources of the Company’s Website can incur, or in connection with impossibility to use directly Company’s Website for the reasons, independent of the Company.

3. Company can’t guarantee that information provided on the Company’s Website is absolutely correct, full and (or) having the expert confirmation made by the third parties. Use of any information which has been published on the Company’s Website including in investment process (but without being limited) is made by the Client only on the discretion and can’t entail any consequences for Company.

4. Company has the right to suspend, temporarily suspend or refuse to the Client in providing of access to Website and rendering of services is permanently without prior notice in cases if this termination of rendering of services, including (but without being limited) and termination of work of the Site is caused by need of updating, addition or correction of contents of the Site. Besides this termination of rendering of services can be caused by action of force majeure circumstances. Such as: mechanical violation of integrity of physical transmission media of information, violation or failures in work of power lines, power stations and (or) substations and power supply networks, program and (or) mechanical failures and damages of hardware or program part of servers, including servers of hosters and Internet providers of connection from any Parties side, and also others factors, turned out to be a consequence natural, political, economic or technogenic events and natural and (or) technogenic natural disasters.

5. Company under no circumstances doesn’t bear responsibility for any reasons having interfering of Client to use Company’s services, and also for any financial or other losses which the Client can incur owing to approach of the cases described in point 4. of “Disclaimer” section of these Rules.

Client’s obligations

1. At registration on the Company’s Website, Client is obliged to provide only actual and truthful personal data necessary for effective work and cooperation with the Company.

2. In case of emergence of lawful need of assistance Client is obliged to render such assistance to Company .

3. Abide and comply by the all conditions which have been set in these Rules.

4. Demonstrate tolerance to all other Clients of the Company.

Company’s obligations

1. Company undertakes to provide to Client the Personal area on the Website.

2. Company undertakes to perform financial operations on each deposit of the Client.

3. Company undertakes to provide to Client any information possible and corresponding to these Rules concerning investments and safety of investment process.

4. Company undertakes to keep the personal data having provided by the Client in the conditions of full confidentiality.

5. Company undertakes to provide to Client correctly operating Website for performance by the Client of its actions concerning investment process and also for receiving the help by Client from Company client support.

6. Company undertakes to make payments according to the referral program.


1. Any deposit should be considered as the private deal between Company and Client.

2. Client performs all financial operations including investment, is exclusive on its discretion. The amounts of investments, and also investment plans on which investments will be made, Client chooses by himself.

3. The income which the Client has the right to receive, is charged on account balance of the Client depending on the chosen investment plan in the form of percentage from the invested sum. The order of charge of percentage can depend on conditions of this or that investment plan, and can’t be challenged by the Client. Before deposit making, Client is obliged to study attentively investment conditions which are offered by this or that investment offer of the Company.

4. The volume of income of the Client depends on an interest rate which, in turn, depends on what investment plan chose the Client, and also from the sum which Client has been invested.

5. Client has the right make deposits on any number of the investment plans offered by Company. Including the Client has the right make an unlimited number of deposits to single investment plan.

6. Company gives to the Client transition opportunity from the old investment plan for any new investment plan without any additional conditions by Client request to Company’s support.

Client’s support of the Company

1. Each Client has the right to receive any additional information concerning investment process, having addressed in a client’s support of the Company.

2. Client is obliged to abide the instructions and (or) recommendations received in the form of the response to its request in the course of contact with a client’s support of the Company.

3 Client is obliged to follow the common rules of correct communication in the course of contact a client’s support of the Company.

Notifications from the Company

1. Company has the right to send any notifications to Client associated with informing the Client, and including also the notifications, associated with questions which concern advertizing and (or) promotion of the Website of the Company project.

2. Company has the right, but isn’t obliged, to send to Client messages and (or) warnings in cases if Client violates these Rules.

3. Company has the right, but isn’t obliged, to send to the Client messages about conditions of its account, and also about operations which have been made with investment funds of Client.

4. Company has the right to send to the Client messages which can contain the Company’s news, notices of introduction of new investment plans, notices of carrying out repair work on the Company’s Website and other messages about events, which can, but aren’t obliged, to influence on the conducting cooperation and investment process between Company and Client.


1. Use of SPAM technologies is strictly forbidden. The Client using SPAM technologies will be excluded from the investment process by way of irreversible blocking of an account.

2. Company doesn’t use SPAM technology.

3. Company cooperates with all competent law-enforcement structures having regulating SPAM technologies on the Internet. We provide to these law-enforcement structures on the first legal requirement data on the Client’s account, whose participation in SPAM technologies has been proved.

Final provisions

1. All disputes which may, but aren’t obliged, to occur, the Parties resolve by negotiation process.

2. All points of these Rules, and also contents of any section of the Website have to be observed “as is” and have a priority at consideration of disputable situations.

3. Company reserves the right without preliminary consultations and the prevention to make changes of these Rules, as well as to contents of any other section of Website.

4. Company has the right to send in writing notices about changes of these Rules, and also to publish messages about all changes of these Rules on its Website.

5. Any changes of the contents of any section of the Website, or change of conditions of cooperation are legitimate from the moment of the actual occurrence of such changes.

6. Client is obliged to monitor by himself a situation with such changes information of which can always be found on the Company’s Website.

7. The non-abide and (or) non-compliance full or partial, these Rules can cause objective consequences which can’t be a subject of disputes and (or) judicial claims.