• General issues

    We’re confidently develop own business, paying special attention to such branches as:Development of the technologies directed to creation of new materials which can’t be created in the conditions of the terrestrial atmosphere or gravitation of Earth; development of technical documentation and commissioning of space shuttles of commercial usage; discovering of new sources of receiving the high-strength resistant materials to the extreme temperature operating conditions.We propose fast and clever solutions which allow to launch of new space objects in the near-Earth space with minimum possible costs.

  • Our https://roitastic.cc site intended for performing of all necessary transactions connected with investing, is provided with the maximally possible and modern protection against from any harmful attacks and the malicious actions of the third parties. Therefore investing with our company it is absolutely safe and comfortable process.

  • No. You can create only one personal account which will be used by you for investment and/or receiving referral bonuses.

  • For creation more, than one account, all personal accounts of such customer will be blocked without preliminary prevention and the subsequent negotiations.

  • Yes. It is possible. To remove an own personal account, you have to create the corresponding request and specify the reason in connection with which you need for the removal of the personal account.

  • No. It is impossible.