About us

The future
Of the humankind
Is in the Space

Advantage of space technologies defines domination of the business of the private commercial structures having formed in the 21st century

Innovative business of the company is based on using of the international acts which allow commercial use of resources and minerals of near space by private commercial structures for creation of new materials, technologies and also for improvement and modernization of already existing space aircraft and development of new space stations, complexes and facilities for studying of outer space.

Our space interests

A strategy of domination. This is how so we define our business and observance of our interests in the space industry. Having inspired by a set of acts which guaranteed prosperity of private business in space, among which: National Aeronautics and Space Act and Commercial Space Act, we’re confidently develop own business, paying special attention to such branches as:

Development of the technologies directed to creation of new materials which can’t be created in the conditions of the terrestrial atmosphere or gravitation of Earth; development of technical documentation and commissioning of space shuttles of commercial usage; discovering of new sources of receiving the high-strength resistant materials to the extreme temperature operating conditions.

We propose fast and clever solutions which allow to launch of new space objects in the near-Earth space with minimum possible costs, making the Space available for those who seek for conquest of new vertices of progress.

our history

Our history

Since from 2010


of science
and technologies

Our history is a history of our development and our achievements associated with technological developments and researches of space.

Our company has proved its competence by the own scientific and technical developments and now has an opportunity to receive the most favorable contracts, actively and fruitfully participating in space exploration and creating advanced technologies not only at the present stage, but also for the future generations.

Future achievements live in our inventions and innovations already now.

The birth of new technologies and evolution of approaches in an exploration of deep space

Legal papers

Full compliance of legality and openness. Trust and professionalism. Transparency and safety of business.

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